Parts sales

Although we don’t expect mechanical breakdown of our vehicles when operated in accordance with our operating and maintenance instruction booklets we do carry spare parts for those unexpected occasions. Parts such as (list is indicative and not exhaustive):

• Main Components
• Hydraulic Cylinders
• Light fittings/clusters
• Electrical components
• Protective covers
• Hydraulic Valves
• PTOs
• PLCs
• Side underrun guards

We aim to provide spare parts for:
• Customers who have purchased Farid Hillend vehicles directly from us.
• Customers who have purchased vehicles second hand.
• Customers who have purchased vehicles from other manufacturers.

To assist in identifying the right part for the job we offer an identification service via telephone: 01383 823625 or email: Once we have identified your part and it is in stock we endeavor to get it to you within 24hrs (Monday to Friday).

Parts are available for sale from our service engineers or our main depot. Our authorised service depots located strategically around the country also carry a small selection of spare parts.


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