Major Investment- Brake Press

Major investment in new technology for Dunfermline manufacturing operation


When you’ve been manufacturing vehicles for over 50 years, it’s essential to invest in new technology to keep that competitive edge – and our latest investment at Hillend Engineering is a state-of-the-art, high precision Brake Press.


“The new Brake Press is an excellent piece of equipment, which enables us to produce a higher quality product with higher tolerance, but it’s part of a much bigger programme of investment across our manufacturing operation”. says Steve Lally, Hillend Engineering’s Head of Engineering & Manufacturing Services. “Spending time with our customers, we’ve carried out a full product reliability review and, with the expertise of our Designers, have identified areas within our products and manufacturing operation that needed to be improved. As a result of this, we’ve now implemented considerable changes.


We’ve invested heavily in the fabrication process; jigs; forward manufacturing; and assembly processes and have re-designed the product itself.


Our next generation products are launching imminently, and we are extremely excited to showcase a range of waste collection vehicles that, we are confident, are market leading”.


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