Health and Safety- Garry

Further enforcing our focus on Health and Safety and the wellbeing of every employee, we are delighted to announce that Garry Leighton has recently joined the team in Dunfermline, as Health and Safety Executive for Hillend Engineering.

His interest in workplace safety began during a 12-year career in the Dockyards, working his way up from painting the aircraft carriers at 19, to taking on more health and safety responsibility and finally becoming a full-time Safety Supervisor of the teams. Garry explained that “Health and safety when working in an environment such as the Dockyard is so important, there is a lot to be aware of and prepared for to ensure the wellbeing of everyone working there.” Similarly, to the Dockyards, manufacturing workshops must ensure that they have strict and thorough health and safety measures in place and Garry’s previous experience will be exceptionally important for his role at Hillend Engineering.

As Health and Safety Executive, Garry will work alongside Steve Lally who has a full understanding of safety and wellbeing at our site. Their work involves always being up to date with new safety policies and constantly evaluating and developing the way that we all work, to create a workplace that is a risk-free, positive place. Garry will be playing a proactive part in ensuring all of our employees receive regular training in how they can remain safe while working and look after their health and wellbeing.

Garry says, “Health and Safety is a priority to Hillend Engineering and a major focus in the business’s growth strategy, so I was keen to become part of the team. The most important thing is making sure that our employees go home happy and healthy at the end of each day.”


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