Letsrecycle Live Innovation Award – Farid Hillend Engineering Ltd

Farid Hillend Engineering (FHE) are pleased to announce we have received an award from Letsrecycle Live as one of the top 10 forward-thinking innovators for our comprehensive range of specialist food waste collection equipment. The awards celebrate innovative products, services and technologies that are making a positive impact in the waste and resources sector.

Our award winning innovation project, for which we are really proud, commenced a few years ago when we recognised the need for the specialist collection of Food (and Clinical) waste. A range of small, compact and very manoeuvrable, Mini Compactors and Optimised Rear Loaders featuring onepiece fully sealed bodies – that guarantees no leakages – was developed. We continue to develop this product family, which now boasts a product range from 4 cu m to 15 cu m, of non-compaction, semi compaction and full compaction bodies to suit chassis from 7.5t GVW to 18t GVW.

Our commitment to this specialist food waste collection market is enabling more and more private sector customers and municipal local authorities to achieve their own and statutory waste collection objectives in a most cost effective and safe manner. Indeed, since the launch of these vehicles over 500 units have been supplied and are now in operation throughout the UK; making FHE the UK’s market leader in the supply of food waste collection vehicles.

This award comes as a result of Farid Hillend Engineering’s ongoing development policy, which allows us to keep pace with the rapid advancements and requirements of the waste management industry and provides investment in product development that ensures our clients needs are realised.

Micro L 5m3 body features:
* Fully sealed one-piece high tensile steel body construction for high strength with guaranteed no leakages
* Small, compact and very manoeuvrable, an ideal solution where restricted access is a problem and excellent manoeuvrability is required
* Farid comb bin lift fitted as standard – Capable of handling all EN standard bins from 120 litres to 1100 litres capacity and food waste caddies or ‘slave type’ bins
* Hand loading can be achieved by using optional side access doors
* Enclosed body roof for waste containment and better packing strength distribution with reduced stress points
* Top mounted, fully enclosed compaction blade with 3:1 compaction. Compaction blade cylinders mounted outside the hopper area, keeping them clear of the refuse loading area
* Unloading of waste by tipping, ensuring complete discharge of waste materials and residual liquids collected. Suitable for tipping into skips, rolonof containers and satellite discharge operation